gpgpu ktm paper finished

Kirchoff Time Migration (KTM) is a traditional seismic imaging technique used by geophysicists, a numerical method related to the Greens function solution of the scalar wave equation. KTM has been used routinely for at least forty years, and a variety of computational implementations exist within academic and industrial settings. While the algorithm is relatively simple, the high dimensionality of the overall data processing problem makes computation fairly expensive and thus a good candidate for High Performance Computing (HPC). In recent years, the Graphical Processing Unit (GPU) has taken a significant place among HPC platforms used for computationally intensive tasks such as seismic imaging. This work outlines a novel strategy for implementing the KTM algorithm in CUDA, which demonstrates excellent scaling and timing properties as compared to an optimized CPU implementation.



  1. Jason

    Hello,Mr Brouwer.I wonder if u could sent ur Kirchoff Time Migration CUDA codes to my mailbox,I would like to optimize it but couldn’t find it online.
    thank you.

  2. bbrouwer

    hey there;
    thanks for the interest in ktm; the code isn’t public unfortunately, is there some way I can be of assistance?

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