cluster profiler

We’ve been working on a method to effectively monitor and in some senses profile all relevant processes running on one or more systems. An alpha has been released on github, Pierre-yves is working on a powerful flume+solr component for search, readme follows, more to come.


This code comprises the clpr_d daemon for the Cluster Profiler project, an Orwellian attempt to develop time series and statistics for all running processes on a single system or many systems. Process data is gathered or clustered according to process birthdate (rounded to the minute) and uid. The daemon uses several threads to work on a boost::multi_index data structure, containing the acquired process data. The main thread reads from a named pipe specified in key_defines.h, data produced by running and re-directing output from pidstat in (eg.,) an external shell loop. Appropriately formatted pidstat output may be produced from this forked code, the utility originally produced by Sebastien Godard : An example usage is the following, removing process data from root, and redirecting to a fifo in the bin directory of this distribution :

pidstat -d -u -h -l -r -w -U -v | grep -v root > bin/clpr_input

An archiving thread works asynchronously to write port 80 using tcp/ipv4 whenever queried, according to the format specified in the ostream operator for clpr_proc_db, the wrapper around boost::multi_index. Acquired process data from the fifo is ‘blobbed’ together by the reader and statistics developed on the fly. A logging class will write a log file periodically as well, with filename specified in key_defines.h. Top utilization statistics are reported in the log file, using the multiple search/sort indices of boost::multi_index. Finally, a manager thread periodically monitors the size of the database, trimming/deleting entries according to timestamps and a maximum size.

Keep in mind this daemon can be a security risk and compute as well as i/o intensive. It has been designed with flume + solr in mind; for the overall project, flume is used to query various instances of clpr_d, and solr used for indexing and search on records – WJB 03/14

Install fork of pidstat specified, ‘make’ this distribution, specifying compile and linker paths for boost as needed.


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