Nvidia Jetson

Finally splashed out on the TK1 dev kit; color me impressed! The buyer is first greeted by a neat looking, minimalist cardboard box, which contains the board, power supply and micro-usb cord, for flashing the device. I also picked up a serial-usb cord for debugging, as well as a usb hub via the local friendly Frys.

Booted rapidly, then decided to install a more recent OS; at the time of writing, found an excellent description with links here. Flashing the device took less than 30seconds, a new record I think. Shortly thereafter, installed OpenCV optimized specifically for the Tegra, as well as a few other things via the Nvidia JetPack. After installing a few other dependencies by way of sudo apt-get, I built and ran plot2txt software using a key benchmark, an image with >2M pixels. All data series were extracted in just under 2 seconds, only slightly worse than an Intel i7. The high relative performance in this case has much to do with OpenCV, which can take advantage of the CUDA cores. I tested a number of other benchmarks & libraries including DGEMM by way of ATLAS for ARM, and found at least 6 G Flop/s in many cases. I also find jetson to be incredibly stable versus several other dev kits/ARM offerings; it will happily run at full tilt all day long, barely breaking a sweat, courtesy the superior design and generous fan.

For more, check out the Nvidia Developer Zone/embedded computing, you most definitely will not be disappointed!


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