CA dreaming

We took several wonderful days to tour NoCal a few months ago, starting on the peninsula April 15. I made some new friends at an exciting startup in Redwood City, Bec took her first surf lesson over in Pacifica. That evening after eating down by the sea, we picked up besties and family nathe and liz from SFO, thereafter grabbing a bite down in half moon bay at the silver star grill. Next day saw us over in the valley again. Around lunch we drove on down to Carmel, for an amazing afternoon strolling through town, along the beaches and supping at the exquisite rooftop bar of Vesuvio.

That evening saw us take in Monterey Bay by way of the warf, complemented by a jaunt along 17 mile drive. Friday we moved on over to Yosemite through the fruit bowl, arriving in Mariposa around lunch. After a few hours taking in some of the valley, including the mighty bridal veil, we ended up back at our lodgings and ended up dining on gastronomic delights at Savoury’s, also in Mariposa. Saturday morning we ventured back into the valley, taking in much more of all the usual suspects, including Half Dome, Yosemite falls and several groves of majestic redwoods and sequoia.
Around lunch we ventured out and up towards Napa, dining that evening on hearty fare at the Bounty Hunter in Napa, finishing up at Oxbow market for our just desserts. On our final full day, Sunday, we drove up a little ways through the valley to Yountville and the best macaroons we’ve ever eaten, courtesy of the Bouchon Bakery. After some obligatory wine tastings, we made our way back down to the city for the final act, which included a drive over the golden gate bridge, and through some of the more memorable streets, on to our final hotel and a beautiful evening. All in all, one of the best and most kinetic vacations we’ve ever had.


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