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Alas the wolfsburg died as it lived- painfully. Exsanguinated on I-45 by a piece of it’s own undercarriage to be precise. Apparently some debris broke off a corner of the drip pan, which proceeded to rotate into the transmission like a buzzsaw. Nice.

There’s nothing quite like finding out that your expensive DSG transmission is toast, which happened for the first time during a snowstorm in PA at ~ 50k. To have it happen a second time with ~99k on the clock meant that it was time for the knackery. Here’s hoping that the new vehicle is less of a money-pit. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to look at some expensive mods for my wrx.


The Landy

Our venerable series III makes it to a list of collectible SUVs. Someday we hope to actually drive it again; handles slightly better than an Abrams, and certainly boasts all the comforts of a tank. Favorite memory: driving down the coast of WA, taking in the sunset over the ocean. Second favorite memory : boxter screaming away from us after a particularly long traffic light and heavy dose of our fumes 🙂