random, nonlinear scenes from here, there, everywhere

hanging with besties rich and flick at Tomball german festival, 12/17

after staying awake for 64 hours on the direct flight from houston to sydney, we attempt a night out with james and adrienne in the valley, Brisbane, 02/18.

(top to bottom) Bec at Katwijk, Drachenfels from the Rhine, an alley in Linz, Bec and Ralf by the Linz city wall, Noord and Vrijheid windmills in Schiedam, standing by the Schie ( I think), Schiedam cityscape, my dad’s old digs, a street with my name by Nolet, the view out back of our place in Oud Charlois, the challenging stairs, holding court in Oud Charlois, with Rob,Eve and the boys in Ede, Bec posing at La Trappe while dad seeks out a drink, my parents best impersonation of beer drinkers (although I think on this occasion they actually enjoyed it), Bec lights the way, a gargoyle at Sint-Catharinakerk in Eindhoven, the ladies at Gorinchem.

Ithaca NY 12/08

Renovating our ~150 year old shed 05/08-09/08, with occasional much valued help from my muse and our dads. New 2x6x12 and 1x10x12 lumber was acquired from an Amish saw mill for chips, and constructed around the old, keeping the (relatively sound) roof structure. The interior lumber was selectively demolished, and a maple removed, all of which is now heating our house via the woodstove 🙂 ED: the old tin roof finally gave way in 2015/2016, replaced with a brand spanking new one

Fly fishing w/ picnic on Little Pine 09/08

A good harvest 10/08

Our 1960 Bugeye and the lotus 907 that will be in it someday… ED: it’s 2017 and this car still sits in our PA shed 🙂 hopefully I’ll get to it in the next decade or so

scenes from the appalachian trail/blue ridge VA 06/04

Brisbane CBD from Bartley’s hill, 06/07

Coolum, QLD, 06/07

renovating our bathroom 09/08-01/09 aka the job that almost did me in; plumbing (PEX), re-wiring, subfloor w/ shims, concrete board and 12″x12″ tiles, vanities and months of part-time pain… which has finally paid off

Scenes from our neighborhood 06/07

Sublime Venezia 03/05/09; us on the grand canal, gondolas at Piazza San Marco, Basilica de San Marco, vivaldi/bach by Interpreti Veneziani at San Vidal, Ponte dei Sospiri(?)

Scenes from beautiful Salzburg 03/04/09, including the point where I popped the question 06/15/97

Lingering in Leiden 03/02/09

Our evolving kitchen, shots from ’06 and ’08

The landy in scarborough WA 03/11 (Oz), and home in Pennsylvania 08/11 after a month at sea

Shed part2, I think 🙂 Summer 09, ripping out the original floor, laying gravel for slab, hops growing up the side summer 10.

The joyous annual selection and trimming of the tree 12/01/2013

Trip to Oz June 2014; white gums and city of perth from Kings

Tulum Mexico 09/2017 with Nathe, Liz and .. an iguana



  1. Mum and Dad B.

    Thank you very much, William, for this delightful
    report with photos. And thank you, Rebecca, for taking
    some (or all) of the photos! We had once again the
    feeling that we were still at your place where we had such an enjoyable time.
    We do hope that you will-and may be able to-keep 214.
    It is full of character and would be able to tell us lots of stories, if it could speak…
    We are so looking forward to seeing you two in a few days. For now we are signing off. M. and D.

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