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vale friends

Houston loses a fine family to the allure of CA, and the eternal promise of the perfect wave. No label and don jalapeƱo wasn’t quite enough to convince them to stay. Godspeed Grooms!



Well days two and three didn’t dissapoint by any means, although the attendant dust didn’t make for easy breathing. But then APF is the wrong place to be if you care at all about cardiovascular health. Judging by several of my fellow attendees, I’m very much in the pink, in that regard. Highlights included Joel Gion’s backing band primary colors, although he himself was delightfully out to lunch, no guesses as to why. But optimistic for a great album in the summer. We managed to snag a hammock this year, perched betwixt the main and amphitheatre stage, which made for an interesting aural experience. Really dug the horrors, that was a special treat. I also appreciate just how few people try to wedge themselves within the inch between you and whoever’s in front of you, proceeding to film everything on a phone directly in your line of vision. Seriously. Great crowd, tunes, food and amazing experience over all; definitely back next year! Bonus: making some new friends at the ginger man downtown and eating at rudy’s and saltlick in quick succession; really made us feel at home in Tx, which is just as well since we move there next month!

Our first Homebrew I

Finding the bottles was easy, cleaning off labels not so much; stainless steel wool and hot soapy water worked best. Sadly our first crop of hops was less than abundant, so I’ve resorted to all bought ingredients for now…