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david byrne

Austin usually gets all the credit, however htown continues to attract a bevy of brilliant acts eg., cults 11/13/17, ghostland observatory 12/30/17, brmc 01/20/18, sleigh bells 02/07/2018, david byrne at WOMH last night. To see him in particular was really sentimental, considering talking heads was among the first few bands I heard and fell in love with as a kid. David Byrne doesn’t seem to lose an ounce of creativity or relevance as the years go by; a remarkable talent to say the least.







sleigh bells @ granada theater

We made the trek to Dallas last weekend in the wolfsburg with new front suspension, making the ride on 45 north out of Houston slightly less hazardous than usual. Upon arrival, checked into the beautiful Magnolia hotel, former home to the old oil company of the same name (that ultimately became Mobil), replete with exquisite tiled ceilings and décor, circa early 20C.  Our uber driver informed us on the way to the Granada Theater that lower Greenville is home to a not insignificant St Patrick’s day parade, confirmed on arrival by the swaying lime green crowds. Swell. Turned out to be quite a friendly group, we even made some new friends in the hours before the Sleigh Bells show. Euphoric is the only way to describe their performance,  one that still reverberates in the ears.