A large percentage of my time is spent working software and hardware.

My first real interaction with computers was related to a zilog z-80, part of a larger 100 pound “desktop” system which in 1978 retailed for 10k or more. By the time my sticky mits came into contact with the machine in 1987, the introduction of MS-DOS and the associated meteoric rise of the PC in the intervening years had killed off all but middling interest in the venerable zilog, at least in mid 1980’s Brisbane. Thus, sans viable support, the ailing machine became the play thing of an eleven year old.

At the same juncture a disabled yet highly gifted friend of the family was called to assist in the salvation of the zilog. Morris ultimately coached me in electronics, and encouraged me to buy a Radioshack digital multimeter which I still use today. I am also an audiophile and tube fanatic, amongst other things, thanks to him. With great alacrity, he recited makes of chips within the zilog as well as their functions and his diagnosis based on the symptoms. Morris made short work of the beast, as he did with most things. During this time and forever thereafter I found myself immersed in an exquisite world, a marriage of physics, engineering and great practicality.

It was also Morris who introduced me to dial-up and BBS or Web 0.0 if you like, and so for all these reasons and more, this blog is dedicted to the comsumate genuis that was and I hope still is Morris. And to my muse, my remarkable wife Rebecca.


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